Thursday, March 3, 2011

Words can't express...

Tennessean article 
 Dr. McPhee's condolences
 News Channel 2
Hey hey everyone. I can't believe the news I woke up to today. My friend/teammate/sister was murdered last night at her apartment complex by her roommate! Senseless violence took the life of such a bright young life. My heart is hurting so badly right now. To all my teammates at MTSU...I am praying for us all. To Tina's family, I just want to say thank you for sharing such an amazing woman with me! Tina touched my life in so many ways. She was such a fighter and had such a big heart. She had a smile and a laugh that could just light up the whole room. She had grown and matured so much in the last 2 years...and I'm so proud that I got to be a part of that. To her love Kelechi, you had such a positive impact on her life. She adored you so much and loved you with all her heart. We used to talk about the two weddings she was going to have :-) You were such a big part of her positive outlook and attitude. You are such a great man and I thank you loving my friend! I still remember the time we went out to eat on a road trip and she got into a roasting match with one of our teammates...haha we all were crying by the end of dinner because she had us laughing so hard. Haha and the time me and Chels had everyone over our apartment and I accidentally washed her earphones, but didn't tell her until a few days later when she brought back just the wire from them and asked what I did! Oh yeah Tenna, and Migo still tapped HoeKia! :-) She had such a gift to brighten anyone's life she was a part of. She was definitely taken too soon. But I know she's watching over us now. Tenna...I'm glad you were such a special part of my life. I miss you so much and love you so much! I'll see you again!! May you rest in peace.

Please say a prayer for those who knew this wonderful young woman.
True love

So goofy :-) 

I will always remember this smile!

I love you Tenna! RIP baby girl


  1. Man!!!! So Sad To See U Go!! That Beautiful Smile Will Always Be Missed!!! My Prayers Go Out To The Stewart And MTSU Family!! To You Bro (KC) I Can Feel Ya Pain but I'm not Going To say I Know what you are going through but I know how you feel about her, from your brother-from-another mother.. I'm here for you bro. Keep ya head up man. I love ya boy!!

    RIP Tina.. Spread Ya Wings And Watch Over Us!!
    -Antwaun Boyd
    IPFW #35

  2. There is nothing so sad as one so young who is taken from us so suddenly. God has a plan for us all and we never know when he may call us home. So enjoy life to it's fullest and love each other ever so deeply as we never know when it may be our last time to see each other. There is no guarantee that tomorrow will come, we only have today to savor. Love you Tina! Love you Alysha, Love Mom