Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kickin a little knowledge!

Hey hey everyone!! Well these past two weeks have just flown by! I can't believe it's already about to be February!!! And you know what that's Black History Month! I've decided that during this month, I'm going to have one fact a day for my teammates to help them understand our culture and heritage a little bit. They've done such a phenomenal job with helping us understand their culture and history, that I think it's the least I can do for them! SO, if YOU have any facts you'd like me to share with them, post them on the comments section and I'll be sure to share! :-)
Since the last time I wrote ya'll, we have played 3 games. We have won all 3!! Our first win was against the #2 team in our league, Ramat Hasharon. We played at home and right from the tip we came out firing on all cylinders. Our next game we played was on the road against our city "rival" Elizur Rishon. Even though this team is at the bottom of the league, they have talented players and have put up some tough games and fought hard until the end. We played very sluggish in the first half and were down by double digits at half time. We got ourselves together in the locker room and came back with a much better second half. The last game we played was at home this past Thursday against Holon. They have a very talented and experienced team. One of their players, Sheri Sam, is 38 and has played in the WNBA. Could you imagine playing at that age and still being on top of your game!? I think that's amazing! Our crowd was so electric!! One of my teammate's brother was there playing the big drum I told you about before! The little girls that come to our games were blowing horns and cheering the WHOLE game! It was great! Afterwards, we were taking pictures and signing autographs for them. This Monday we play at Ashdod, the game I got hurt in last time we played them. It's a big game for us because we only have 2 games left in regular season and a win over Ashdod by more than 13 would put us ahead of them.
Fried chicken, cabbage and mac & cheese!
Now, to the fun stuff that's happened! Having Danielle's family here was such a blast!! We had them stay here instead of paying all that money for a hotel. They brought air mattresses and camped out downstairs. It reminded me of summer basketball camps back in high school! :-) They cooked at least 4 out of the 7 days they were here! It was so good!!!
Oh! And no worries! Our yogurt place is back open for business!!! We found out that our guy had sold his yogurt place to this other they were remodeling and reopening it under a different name! It's still the same great yogurt...even better I think! :-) We've gotten to know the new owner pretty well!
Look how precious!! :-)
Yesterday was such a special day!!! My mom and niece celebrated their birthdays!!! My niece Adalina turned 1 and my mom turned 29! :-) I was sad I couldn't be there with them on their special day, but I definitely sent my love :-)
Our little Israeli "thugs" LOL!!!
The last thing I will leave you the transformation of my Israeli teammates.  This is what happens when you stay at our apt too long after a team dinner LOL! 

Hebrew Lesson: I don't know= Lo Yoda'at (lo-yo-dot)
That's all for today's walk in my Nikes!
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