Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This time next week!!!

Shalom shalom everyone!!! So as of right now I have a little over 5 days before I head back to the states for Christmas Break! :-) I am so excited to see my family and friends!! However, I'm especially excited to see my niece Addie and my nephew Lyam!!! My babies are getting SO big!!! I've gotten to talk to them on the phone...well not really talk, but my mom puts the phone to their ear and I talk to them. I can hear them giggling and trying to's the most precious thing ever! I can't wait to squeeze my niece's little fat cheeks!!!
I want to give a special CONGRATULATIONS to ANNE MARIE LANNING who graduates in just a few days from Middle Tennessee State University!!! I'm SO proud of you PANNIE!!!!
I've been listening on the internet to my girls play this season. A lot of people were doubting them because they're such a young team, but I know the talent they have and the leadership they have this year and they're growing so much in just a short amount of time! I'm just so proud of them :-)
Well since the last time I've posted, we have played 3 games. Last Monday we played Ashdod and I got hurt at the end of the first quarter. A darn hip pointer! So I was out the rest of that game. We ended up losing that game as well as our game against Ramla that Thursday. This Monday we played at home against Netanya. Now, in the beginning of the season we beat them at their place by 30, but since then they've become a whole new we knew it was going to be a tough game. We weren't sure if I was going to be able to play, but I put a pad over my hip bone and got out there! It was a very physical and tough game, but we ended up winning 91-74 I believe. It was a good win for us. Now we only have one game until we're home bound!!!
The wind was blowing hard!

The debris across the street
Our muddy car!
Scary clouds!

This past week was like hurricane season here! The wind was blowing really hard and it was raining and cold! It made me just stay in the bed!!! Our car was so muddy and gross! So all the time I was stuck in the apartment, I cooked! I made a home made chicken pot pie! I mean from the sauce on the inside to the vegetable and crust! It was absolutely delicious!!! I also made home made Salsbury steak with gravy from scratch and greens on the side one night and Enchiladas another night!  I have just been getting my Betty Crocker on while over here in Israel! I think I've found a new interest ;-)

I've also done a little Christmas shopping! One day I walked around the city of Rishon to all the shops. I got followed by this creepy guy. He started speaking Hebrew to me from his car when I was walking, so I just kept going because I didn't understand( Obviously!) So he pulled his car over and parked and got out and started walking behind me (he was a good 50 yards behind me) and I turned around and yelled "I don't speak Hebrew!" And his response was "I know...rega (which means wait a second) and I said "Ok well if you know then stop following me, it's creepy!" He turned around and got back in his car. If you ask me, I think my choice of words were pretty intimidating!!! LOL!
Unfortunately I had another run in with a DIFFERENT roach! I don't know what it is about these nasty things that they just keep messing with me! I came home and was about to pick my spandex up off the floor and it crawls across! I quickly jumped about 10 feet backwards and screamed inside (don't want the cops to get called again!) and once it was off my clothes and on the floor I drowned him in Raid! I am really beginning to think they have it out for me! YUCK!
Other than that, everything here is pretty much the same. It is beginning to resemble winter here finally! Which excites me because that means boots, coats, sweats, and hot coco when I come back!
Today's Hebrew Lesson is: LO NORA(nor-AH)=It's not terrible or it's alright
That's all for today's walk in my Nikes! 
Until next time,

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