Friday, November 5, 2010

The Holy CIty

Hey hey everyone!! Happy Friday!! This past week was one I'll never forget!
First things first. Our team is now 3-0 after Monday's win at Ra'anana Hertzeliya. They are a pretty good team. Their Americans are Shannon Bobbitt, Christi Thomas and LaToya Thomas. I was in early foul trouble so I had to sit and watch a lot, but my teammates were playing with such energy and togetherness. That's what I really like about this team! We are playing for each other and bond really well. But as much as I liked watching and seeing that, I want to be out there playing with them! Haha so my goal is to keep my behind out of foul trouble from here on out! It was a pretty physical game and it was definitely a tough win. But we're glad we got it! This Monday we are playing Ramat Hen at our place and it's going to be live online! You can watch it at at Noon central time.
The women's side

This past week we also went to Jerusalem as a team. The drive out there was much like driving to Chattanooga, all the winding roads and up and
down mountains. It was so pretty! When we got to Jerusalem we went to my teammate Keren's house for dinner that her mom prepared. It was AMAZING! We had rice with veggies and stuff in it, a traditional Israeli soup, baked chicken and salad. For a snack and dessert they had an assortment of different nuts: cashews, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds (I didn't even know those existed! Let alone eat them!), and pistachios. Then her dad brought out this chocolate cake with warm chocolate icing...mmmmmm:-) I was so full I almost popped!!

You can see the men's side to the left
The manilla card is my prayer
After dinner, we left and went to this place where you could see the whole city of Jerusalem! We took tons of pictures! Unfortunately, they're on my camera and my memory card doesn't fit into my laptop! But then we went to the Old City and walked around the outdoor mall they had, then walked through the old city. There were tons of shops! People would ask us to come in their store and try to bargain with you. It was pretty cool. Then, we went to the Western Wall. The men and women can't walk in together. So there were two different security lines. Once inside you could meet back up. We went over to where the wall was and it was separated into a women side and a men side. Everyone had their bibles and were praying. It was truly amazing. I wrote a prayer on a card I had and walked to the wall and put it in a crack and said a prayer. My teammates told us that when you leave the wall you're never supposed to turn your back on you have to walk out backwards. This was truly an experience. This is the holiest place and closest place on earth to God, and I got to actually be there. You could just feel the spirituality there.
Me and my roommates at the Western Wall

A view of the wall
Me with the artwork

Walking through the Old City
Once we left the wall, we walked back through the Old City and back through the outdoor mall. Of course on the way out we stopped and got some Jerusalem Bagels. The mall had all kinds of art work that was for sale, so my teammates and I decided to pose with a few of them on our way out!

Macabi Game
On Sunday, me and Danielle got to go to a Macabi Tel Aviv game. Now, for those of you who don't know, Macabi is the best team in Israel and a powerhouse throughout Europe. The gym they play in is called the Nokia Arena and it looks like a freaking mall! They were playing Jerusalem that night, which is the 2nd best team in the Israel League, so the gym was completely packed! These fans are so passionate about their teams here! It's crazy to see! But very entertaining.
Macabi Game

This week's Hebrew lesson is: You're welcome: Bevakesha(bay-vah-ke-shaw)
That's all for today's walk in my nikes!
Until next time,


  1. Awesome! :) I'm glad that your enjoying Isreal, Alysha! all the best to you!

  2. Awesome blog!! You are a very talented writer as well as a ball player...Now, if we could work on a few other things, then you would have it all figured out!! haha....Glad things are going good and that your having fun! Keep hooping, and stay outa foul trouble!