Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You Live and You Learn

Hey hey everyone!  Well it's been almost 2 weeks since we last caught up! Not too much has happened here in Israel. We have played 2 games and unfortunately lost both. We played Ramat Hen here at home last Monday. We played TERRIBLE! And it didn't help that they played great. That team has Ivory Latta, Tiffany Jackson, and Ashley Walker, who was the MVP of the Israeli League last year. They are a good team and we have to play better if we want to be able to compete. The game was on TV here, and also online so I told everyone to watch it, but come to find out not many people could get it! So sorry if you were one of those people!! Yesterday we played at Ramat Hasharon, which is the team who won the championship last year, and who our coach played for last year. They have Camille Little, Chante Black, and Alexis Hornbuckle. They're a good team. We lost by 4 points and could have won! It's a bad feeling knowing it was our breakdowns that lost the game. But it happens! Oh...I DIDN'T FOUL OUT EITHER! Hahaha. But I've got to play better...I don't know what's going on in my brain, but I'm going to turn it around and start playing some ball!
Chip Walters told me that every post I make revolves around what I've eaten that week! So I won't dwell too much on that this week! Just for you Chip;-) However, I have been eating at home a lot these past two weeks...I went to the store and bought stuff to make. I did make the most amazing spaghetti for my pre-game meal yesterday though:-) We also had a team dinner last Saturday at OUR apartment! I made a chicken casserole, the recipe I got off google and it turned out great! Danielle baked some chicken and put some teryaki sauce on it, very good! Everyone else brought some pasta and salad and of course dessert:-) We had a great time.

OMG! Our power just went out! The buildings across the street still have lights and our hall light still works! Our neighbor just opened her door and all her lights were on...soooo it's just our apartment! Lol. Maybe we have too many things plugged in! Well I'll keep writing and hopefully our manager Rami will be here soon to fix it!
These past couple weeks I've also learned the impact of the mistakes you make. It's never easy to make mistakes, but it's even harder to admit to them. I've had to learn the hard way, but I'm hoping by admitting the mistakes I've made will help me grow as a person and help me to understand myself better. I've always had faith in God and prayed, but I've never read the bible all the way through. I was listening to the Michael Baisden show one day and he was having a contest between men and women about the bible. His purpose for this game was to point out that so many people admit they have faith but don't study it or know the history of it. I see the life I want to live and see the woman of God I want to become, but I have to take that first step and really commit to living by His word in all aspects of life and not just the ones I choose. Admitting my mistakes and taking a good hard look at myself made me realize I'm in need of a change. So everyone keep me in your prayers:-)
My family and friends have gotten some care packages together to send me:-) I'm so excited to see what kind of goodies they've  included! I'm missing home now...and me and my roommates have been counting down the Mondays until we get to go home! 5 Mondays! I can't wait :-) That sound much better than 35 days!
I got a massage last Friday and it was MUCH needed!! I went to the spa at the gym and it was amazing! I must say, I miss the warm massage beds that we have in the states. It's not too fun having the chills when you get a massage haha. I've also become addicted to this frozen yogurt place that's here in Rishon. It's SO much better than ice cream! They have all kinds of fresh fruits and sweets you can put on it. Everytime I go I get Oreos, green apples, pineapple, peanuts, cantaloupe, and warmed up nutella on top. We actually went today after our hour long stretching session!
Rami came by and fixed our electricity, apparently when we turn on the hot water button and leave it on all day, it runs down the electricity. So it just shut off everything! Oh and the button, we didn't find out about it until 3 days ago! We have been taking cold showers at night and were so upset about it! And we would go to practice talking about it. Then a friend of ours said "You guys don't turn on the button at night?" We said "WHAT BUTTON!?" She then went on to explain to us that every building here is solar powered so that's why during the day we had hot water and not at night. So, now we know that we have to turn on the hot water button at night to get hot water...after a month and a half of cold showers! Haha.
Today's Hebrew lesson is Sababa=Cool, alright
That's all for today's walk in my nikes!
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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Holy CIty

Hey hey everyone!! Happy Friday!! This past week was one I'll never forget!
First things first. Our team is now 3-0 after Monday's win at Ra'anana Hertzeliya. They are a pretty good team. Their Americans are Shannon Bobbitt, Christi Thomas and LaToya Thomas. I was in early foul trouble so I had to sit and watch a lot, but my teammates were playing with such energy and togetherness. That's what I really like about this team! We are playing for each other and bond really well. But as much as I liked watching and seeing that, I want to be out there playing with them! Haha so my goal is to keep my behind out of foul trouble from here on out! It was a pretty physical game and it was definitely a tough win. But we're glad we got it! This Monday we are playing Ramat Hen at our place and it's going to be live online! You can watch it at www.one.co.il at Noon central time.
The women's side

This past week we also went to Jerusalem as a team. The drive out there was much like driving to Chattanooga, all the winding roads and up and
down mountains. It was so pretty! When we got to Jerusalem we went to my teammate Keren's house for dinner that her mom prepared. It was AMAZING! We had rice with veggies and stuff in it, a traditional Israeli soup, baked chicken and salad. For a snack and dessert they had an assortment of different nuts: cashews, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds (I didn't even know those existed! Let alone eat them!), and pistachios. Then her dad brought out this chocolate cake with warm chocolate icing...mmmmmm:-) I was so full I almost popped!!

You can see the men's side to the left
The manilla card is my prayer
After dinner, we left and went to this place where you could see the whole city of Jerusalem! We took tons of pictures! Unfortunately, they're on my camera and my memory card doesn't fit into my laptop! But then we went to the Old City and walked around the outdoor mall they had, then walked through the old city. There were tons of shops! People would ask us to come in their store and try to bargain with you. It was pretty cool. Then, we went to the Western Wall. The men and women can't walk in together. So there were two different security lines. Once inside you could meet back up. We went over to where the wall was and it was separated into a women side and a men side. Everyone had their bibles and were praying. It was truly amazing. I wrote a prayer on a card I had and walked to the wall and put it in a crack and said a prayer. My teammates told us that when you leave the wall you're never supposed to turn your back on it...so you have to walk out backwards. This was truly an experience. This is the holiest place and closest place on earth to God, and I got to actually be there. You could just feel the spirituality there.
Me and my roommates at the Western Wall

A view of the wall
Me with the artwork

Walking through the Old City
Once we left the wall, we walked back through the Old City and back through the outdoor mall. Of course on the way out we stopped and got some Jerusalem Bagels. The mall had all kinds of art work that was for sale, so my teammates and I decided to pose with a few of them on our way out!

Macabi Game
On Sunday, me and Danielle got to go to a Macabi Tel Aviv game. Now, for those of you who don't know, Macabi is the best team in Israel and a powerhouse throughout Europe. The gym they play in is called the Nokia Arena and it looks like a freaking mall! They were playing Jerusalem that night, which is the 2nd best team in the Israel League, so the gym was completely packed! These fans are so passionate about their teams here! It's crazy to see! But very entertaining.
Macabi Game

This week's Hebrew lesson is: You're welcome: Bevakesha(bay-vah-ke-shaw)
That's all for today's walk in my nikes!
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