Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time for the Season!

Hey hey everyone! It's been a long week! I'm finally getting settled in and getting on a normal sleeping schedule. After two weeks of being here, I am finally going to sleep before 2 am!

Since the last time I wrote you all, we had a scrimmage against one of the top teams in our league. Ramat Hasharon is the defending league champs from last year, and this year the Americans they have are Alexis Hornbuckle, Camille Little, and Chante Black. My team is small, but everyone that plays is skilled and feisty. We played pretty well in the scrimmage...we ended up losing by 8, but it showed us what it's going to take for us to compete in this league. If you haven't already checked out the teams in this league, you definitely should! All you have to do is click on this link and it will take you straight to the page. This is how you can also keep up with my games and stats if you're interested. Just in case you forgot, my team name is H.R. LE-ZION. Our first game is tomorrow against a team called Netanya. I'm sooo ready to finally get games underway. I've had my ups and downs when it comes to our practices. I've gotten frustrated because I'm missing shots I should hit and making some stupid turnovers, but I'm trying to be patient and remain positive because I'm still trying to get adjusted and get back in the flow of my game.

Now for the fun stuff that's been going on! There's this place called the SoHo here and it's an Asian/Sushi bar that a lot of the Americans go to hang out and eat. We live like 3 minutes down the street! Well on Friday night they held a party for both the women and men players here in Israel. Everyone was having a good time, eating, dancing, talking.  Around 11 the players got to get this 50% off card for the whole year! 50% OFF EVERYTHING! So now we can go and eat this great food that's usually like 40 shekels and above for half off! I love these kinds of perks!! We could have used something like this in college! Lol! Afterwards, everyone went to Tel Aviv to this club. We didn't get in until 4:30 am!! We were sooooo tired, but had a great time! The night life here in Israel is definitely lively!

Keren, my teammate, had this decoration in her hair and I asked her what it was. It's called a rasta, and it's basically weave attached to the root of your hair and then decorated with string and beads. She told me where to get one done and so I went one day and got a purple one put in. A lot of the Israeli girls get it done. Just something fun to have in your hair. And whenever I want it out, because it's not braided into my hair, I just have to cut the little string that's tied to my hair. 

The final product!
As far as food is concerned, my roommates and I have pretty much figured out what we like and know how to pick it out at the store now. The other night, I was really wanting some Mexican food. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE Mexican food! So I was going to make tacos. Well, they don't sell the seasonings for Mexican food here. I got on google and looked up how to make taco seasoning from scratch! I went to the store and bought all the spices, came home, and then mixed it up and cooked it. I must say, it was pretty darn good! Even Danielle said it was good! We had burritos that night for dinner, and then two days later I had a burrito for lunch! I definitely want to experiment with cooking while I'm here and learn how to make some new food!

I've talked with my family on skype just about every other day. It's amazing how technology connects us!! But I'm definitely thankful it's as advanced as it is today! I got to see my precious 8 1/2 month old niece on camera, and when I was talking to her, she would lean into the camera because she recognized my voice and saw my face. My sister said she was looking at it like "why can't I touch her? I hear her!" It was the cutest thing ever!!! I definitely miss my family and friends a lot!!

Of course, I've been learning more Hebrew. I found out the other day that my grandpa speaks Hebrew! I should have had lessons with him before I came! But my teammate Inbar has been impressed with my learning skills. She said I'm going to be the best foreigner speaking Hebrew that she's known! Today's words are: "why"-llama "where"-efo "I'm hungry"-ane reva(a-knee ray-vah) and "I'm full"-ane sveah(a-knee svay-ah)

That's all for today's walk in my nikes!
Until next time,

The start of the rasta!

No worries, this isn't my hair she's steaming!
Adding my colors!! :-)

Our washer....

Our dryer! :-)

Cheetos in Hebrew!

This is what the stop lights do before they turn green!


  1. Awesome! And the way you write, it feels as if I am there! Very exciting! I love it that I am learning to speak Hebrew! LOL I read your stats; the peeps in the Boro are keeping the world informed of your progress. So much love there! Glad my MiMi is there. Keep up the good work, Alysha!

  2. Aw thank you Mrs. Pearl! I have some pressure when I write knowing you're reading it:-) Aw that's so sweet! Awesome! I'm glad she's there too!!

  3. Love it Alysha! waiting on more updates! keep em coming!