Monday, October 4, 2010


Hey hey everyone!! Welcome back!! These past few days have been kind of a blur because I have been trying to re-adjust myself.
The first night, my roommates Danielle and Khadijah went to practice. Me and Danielle didn't have to practice because we were traveling that day. We were on the sideline talking about what they were doing and got a little nervous because they were doing these drills and had a LOT of running! Haha but it just helped us prepare our minds for what was coming.  We were introduced to the team and could only remember 2 people's names because they were American names. But you'll be glad to know I know all 8 players now!!!! And I pronounce their names correctly too.

The second day we had to go do our medical test. It consisted of doing an isokinetic test to measure the ratio between our quad and hamstring muscles. It was pretty tough. They strap you into a chair and isolate the muscle in your leg and have you do a series of exercises with different resistance. Then after that we had to go test our conditioning, or "test our shape" as the coaches would say. They hook all these wires up to your chest and put you on the treadmill and have you run at a certain speed for a minute and increase the speed and incline every minute after and you basically run until you can't anymore!!! Haha I hopped right off as soon as I was about to die...and they said "No No Alicia...keep on..." and I said "Yes Yes...I'm done!" Hahaha. But I got up to 93%, so I was happy about that. Then we had to go to practice after that!!!!!
The first practice was good! Like I said earlier we only have 8 players so our practice involved a lot of running! But I'm used to it from Coach Insell of course:-) After practice we came home and disinfected our rooms and put our stuff away...and to no surprise I saw a roach crawl from under my bed!! I completely freaked because anyone who knows me knows I don't do bugs!!! Khadijah brought me some raid and we gassed my room! LOL! I haven't seen him since! OH! And we all have a flatscreen in our room:-) They have definitely taken care of us over here in Rishon.

Last night we went to the grocery store and were there for AN HOUR AND A HALF! Lol. Everything was in Hebrew on the labels so we were going off pictures to pick what we wanted. We asked people that were in the store if they could help us find something and some of the stuff they didn't understand because they didn't speak English very well or have a translation for what we were asking for. But in the end, we got a lot of good stuff!! Then on our way home we stopped at the pastry stand and tried a couple different sweets...and OMG whoever thought of chocolate croissants is a GENIUS. We will definitely be back! Oh yeah...and the most important thing that happened yesterday was that we got our internet fixed!!! I'm so glad I've been able to talk to my family and boyfriend!

We had our first practice this morning...we got lost going to practice, but we eventually found our way. So now we can get around a little bit! :-) The drivers out here are bold!! They just get over without looking and don't care how close you are! Haha. We also got lost on the way home too because it's hard to read the street signs when they're all in Hebrew, but once again we found our way back! We found a CD in the CD player of our car...and number 5 on the disc was Lil Wayne Lolipop...IN HEBREW!! LOL! It was sooo funny! "Shlop i lop", or at least that's what I think he said when it came to the chorus. Definitely made my day!

Right now, we're meeting with the mobile phone people to try and get a plan for our phones! It would cost us 98 Shekels a month which equals out to $26! Now where in America can you get an unlimited calling plan and 200 text messages for $26!? This is great! By the way, 3.65 shekels=$1.
I'm going to help you learn a little Hebrew with me. Today's saying is "Let's Go = yalla
Well that's all for today's walk in my nikes!!!
 Me before my running...that net was a shirt she cut and had me wear lol.
 This is our instant coffee!! We took a picture to make sure we remembered which one we drank.

Until next time,

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  1. Awesome, awesome! Those drivers sound just like drivers from Memphis! Tennessee, of course, not Egypt! I learned so much from reading that post! I am enjoying this Alysha and I love your spirit! How do you say basketball in Hebrew? Will you be going to a regular church over there? Is there a regular church over there? Okay, time! Stay safe!