Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Games Underway!!

Hey hey everyone! Well this is week #2 of the season.  Last Monday we played our first game against Netanya and won 67-100. We played really good defense and just had a lot of energy from the tip. It was a good first win for us, especially since according to the press we were the underdogs.   Last night we played our first home game against Hapoel Tel Aviv. I took pictures in my jersey before the game:-)

We won 72-55. The second half was bad though. We let up on defense and lacked some energy. But we'll fix it...we still got the W. But it was so cute after the game...all the little girls that were at the game came down to the court and had us sign autographs and take pictures with them. When they would ask, they would be speaking Hebrew though! Haha so I had to say "What does that mean?" or "English?" After the game me and some of my teammates went to the SoHo to eat. We had a table of 13 people and there was soo much food! We were tasting everyone's food! That 50% off comes in handy!

Clark in Hebrew!
                                     All the yummy food! 

The team with the mayor
This week we had a meeting with the mayor of Rishon. He basically said that he was excited to have a team in Rishon and he is waiting for our success. Except the majority of the meeting they spoke in Hebrew, so me, Danielle, and KD were sitting there clueless! Haha so we just laughed when everyone else laughed!
Me and the Mayor of Rishon

His office was on the 5th floor, and this is looking down.

This past week I also ate some home made Israeli food. At the mall, there was like a buffet set up...and the people cooked the food at their homes and brought it to this area to be sold. It's every friday! So we tried some different things and basically ended up getting two meals. I got a chicken breast stuffed with rice with this chile sauce and some potatoes. It was sooo good!
I also had the best dessert!! Of course, we went to the SoHo for lunch one day and split this dessert. It was cookies and cream ice cream and these cookies with this stuff that looks like rope on top, but it's really sweet! Omg, we devoured it in less than 2 minutes! 
2 minutes after!! 

Another fun thing we did this week was go to our men's game. The guy's team has their own gym and it's about 7 minutes away from us. The energy from the crowd was so amazing! They have these huge drums that they bang on and it makes the gym so noisy! But it's awesome! 
Today at practice we found out that on Saturday, we're going to Jeruselum as a team! Two of the girls on our team, Becky and Keren, are from there so they get to be our tour guides and take us to The Western Wall and some other historic places!! I can't wait!! 

Today's Hebrew lesson is: Good Morning-Boka tov and Good Night-Lila (like lilac without the c) tov. 
That's all for today's walk in my nikes! 
Until next time, 

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  1. Ok soo I will take some of the first meals and the second oh and the dessert..lol..yuuuummmm..I think my stomach just growled..lol..miss you bonie :( love ya!